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Post Wed May 02, 2018 10:10 am

Here I am trying to clean up garbage in my studio and I come again to my stupid useless Receptor.

According to this thread ... 0#p6508474 , i could buy an off-the-shelf PSU, modify one connector, drill the case to secure it, and I'd be fine.
Bryan@MuseResearch wrote:You can purchase an off-the-shelf Sparkle Power SPI220LE and modify the connectors on them to work with Receptor. Basically, you need to clip off the old four conductor connector that goes to the front panel and connect that to the power supply. Basically, the power connectors are as follows:

ATX power to Mobo (20 pins, multiple conductors)
12V ATX power to Mobo (yellow and black)
IDE power to drive (or) Sata power to drive
5VDC to FRONT PANEL using the 4 pin connector from the old power supply (connect to one of the drive power lines since the PS has many of them)
Power switch connector from front panel to motherboard (Black and white, two pins, standard ATX power switch connection to the FPNL connector on the mobo)

Anything you do is at your own risk. If you aren't sure, get a computer tech to help you.
It's the front panel connector that's lacking in the off-the-shelf PSUs. Bryan says it can be connected to one of the drive power lines, but which wires? Red to red and black to black? I don't have anyone to help me with this locally.

Bryan also says the yellow and black 12V ATX power goes to the motherboard, but there's no such socket on the Rev B(?) Receptor i have.

Has anyone made this kind of modification?
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