Quattro (Trio) LIVE Mode Management

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Post Sat Jun 23, 2018 6:15 pm

Problems with a particular LIVE mode set-up, that I've tweaked & experimented with, and just can't seem to stop from freezing.
It allows me to play the current/1st loaded Preset, but not to move to another.
If I'm in the studio via computer, I can see it 'stuck' on one of the last Presets.
If I click on the 'x' to close the LIVE window, I may or may not get the time icon, but either way - NOTHING happens; it doesn't unload and is frozen - I must triple-click to get out of there.
If I remove that culpret another takes it's place :?
If I load-up starting from a different Preset - it happens again elsewhere in LIVE mode.

I recall hearing how I could limit, or control how far ahead LIVE mode loads, possibly by manually adjusting an individual Preset size...

Does that sound familiar to anyone?
Can anyone refresh my memory on how to do that?

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Re: Quattro (Trio) LIVE Mode Management

Post Wed Jun 27, 2018 8:46 am

How many presets are you loading? I'm pretty sure that there's just one plugin that is causing troubles. Try slowly building a Tag in live mode.
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