Receptor Latency Testing Results

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And with the computers\laptops we have today they aren't enough to handle this VST's???

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Re: Receptor Latency Testing Results

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This was a fascinating thread to go over. There are some frustrations I've experienced and some real school pride over the near 2 years I've had my T3io. I have two rigs: one is my Receptor and the other is a mid 2007 Macbook!! with a Presonus interface. I use the same controllers for both. Hardware comparisons are obvious. The other factor is software.
I'm not sure what Muse's business trajectory is but I see that they were founded on creating a solid mobile device to bring studio quality to the stage. Huge artists have done well with their product. I certainly appreciate mine.
Right now you can get a new MacPro with a 3.4Gh i7, 8GB, 265GB SSD for $1800; a very comparable deal. Presonus now bundles amazing software with even the cheapest of devices. Either Receptor or computer you have to purchase NI separately. And, as this is written, the Mac can load the latest version.
I have been watching the four items for about two years now. It seems to me that R&D on software would make a lot of Receptor users elated and potentially pull in many more customers. I am as loyal as a Labrador. I will have my Receptor for a very long time as I like challenges; however, my main objective is to play music. It has taken me two years to find the right layout for the many things I do on stage. I even appreciate the Receptor's ability to completely change things up for some other musical application. If it were possible to somehow join forces with some prominent software GI developers such as Presonus ( check out the RM 16AI) to do an overhaul on your GUI I think this would be a wonderful addition to the Receptor legacy.

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