New Receptor multi-presets from Tim Conrardy

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Post Mon Sep 27, 2004 3:07 pm

Hi all

I have uploaded 2 banks of multi-presets for Receptor to Patch Arena. Below is the announcement and the link. . You have to be a register to download patches, but thats OK...its really worth it as theres tons of patches there.

Go get 'em and comments welcome. Read the TXT in the zips as well as it explains things.



New Receptor multi-presets from Tim Conrardy
Posted at patcharena on Monday, 27 September 2004


We have uploaded two packs of multi-presets designed by Tim Conrardy for Muse Research's Receptor. All Multi-presets use the free plugins within Receptor. There are none that use premium plugins. These banks are as follows:

TC - Receptor - 1
A pack containing 128 multi-presets including pads, leads, multi-timbral setups, synths, orchestral (uses samples), rythmics and sound effects.

TC - Receptor - Guitar
A pack containing 32 multi-presets designed to be specifically used with the Guitar Input on Receptor.
To download these presets visit the Receptor Download Area.

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Post Tue Sep 28, 2004 9:07 am

Just to comment on some of the presets

Many of the RYM patches in the 128 sound set were done using Crystal and my Crystal bank motif sounds. Crystal is excellent for making these unique one finger sequences. When you combine two instances of Crystal with motif patches, you can get some syncopated ryms going on.

The ORCH presets used Crystal as a rompler for strings, flutes, winds and brass sounds. Came off pretty good since Crystal is not really a rompler :-)

I also used custom patches for Free Alpha with the PAD sounds such as the planet series in the second 32 column. Free Alpha is great for pads. Combined with an SE synth, it adds some contrast to the sound.

You will also hear a lot of stereo imaging, as I love moving stereo sounds. "epic headphone journey" as I like to call it. :-)

On the guitar set, I figured out a way so if you use a overdrive module, you won't hear that annoying buzz ( like the overdrive presets on the factory offence) basically I put an envelope follower before the overdrive, so you only hear the guitar when you hit a note. Learned this with my own Guitar rig. I used a yamaha CS5 analog synth with input, which has an envelope follower, and then it goes into my overdrive unit. Also if you put a filter after the env follower, you can get the singing santana guitar effect. I also named some of my guitar presets after famous guitarists, so theres a Clapton, a Steve Hillage( I use that one a lot!! :-) and a Pink Floyd :-) Also tried some unusual effects such as the ring modulator and bouncing echo..nice stuff.

any comments from users would be great, as I don't usually get feedback on my sound design work. ( even constructive critisms would be welcome)


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Post Tue Sep 28, 2004 8:59 pm

i had a kickass factory preset running and now i can't find it. i don't know if it was a single or a multi. maybe you can help.

it was based on the 4front electric bass and had three insert effects. one was for loudness and another for verb. i can't recall the third insert.

does that ring a bell?

i play keys and cover the bass parts with my left hand. that patch would be perfect for most cases.

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Post Wed Sep 29, 2004 12:19 am

These patches are in the Receptor Preset area at too ;)

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