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Post Sun Oct 17, 2004 10:29 am

Hi all

Thought I would let you guys in on this great combination: The EMU MP7 and Receptor!

Usng the MP7 as a master controller,( the MP7 MIDI OUT going into Receptors MIDI In) has a fantastic potential. You can control all 16 channels of receptor with the 16 knobs on the MP7 for Vol and Pan control. You can also use the 16 knobs on the MP7 to control softsynths on Receptor via CC messages. Plugging the audio outputs of the MP7 directly into Receptor allows you to use Receptors effects to process the MP7 sounds. You can also sync up the MP7's sequencer with Receptor by selecting External clock with the setup window in Receptor.

What are the MP7 sounds?

Sporting 4 layers for one patch: each layer consisting whatever waveforms are in ROM ( 256 in one ROM) controlled by 2 envelopes, 2 LFO's, and 50 types of Z-Plane filters along with a huge modulation matrix ( patchcords). Plus 32 arpegiators, a 16 track sequencer and two effect processors, as well as a one octave pad keyboard ( but transposable by 3 octaves up and down) and Touch Strip for pitch bend ( or whatever) purposes. Add to this 128 voice polyphony !

While geared towrd the Hip-Hop and Dance community, I got mine strickly for the interface. 16 assignable knobs ( in which I can also control softsynths or my software sequencer) and a great 16 track sequencer in which I can record my algorithmic patterns into and trigger them live. While a factory MP7 comes with 1 ROM set, you can have up to 4 32MB ROM sets loaded at once for a huge sonic potential. I was lucky enough to get my unit from Ebay with the P2000 Composer ROM and the World Expedition Ethnic ROM. Recently I just got the Orchestral #2 ROM which contains samples of orchestral solo instruments ( used in the EMU Virtuoso Module) as well as Rob Papins ( Albino) sound set called Beat Garden for a fantastic synth and percussion layout of sounds. Not to mention 256 slots for user sounds. I have created about 20 sounds so far, but there are also many user sounds on the net ( like from Rich the TweakMiester) There are also User groups on the Yahoo forums for support.

However right now, it looks like EMU is taking out thier hardware and going strickly software with thier Emulator X system. So these Command stations are going very cheaply, as well as the ROMS. So now is the time to get a great piece of Kit in which you can also use with your softsynths, as well as a live performance vehicle with Receptor.

There are several brands of Command stations The XL7, The PX7, and the MP7, all are the same however with different ROM sets and colors. I like the violet one so I went with the MP7. All have the potentail to add your own ROM sets, plus the EMU synthisis is the same.

I would highly recommend this piece of Kit, as it can be easily integrated into a softsynth setup, be used as a master controller, and also be used in a live performance situation . A great combo for Receptor!


Robert Karasek
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Post Wed Oct 20, 2004 1:47 pm

...that sound pretty awesome ! :love:
I consider buying an MP7 now...

What about that DOEPFER controllers ? anyone tried that combination ?
I'm still experimenting with my setup RD700/Triton/Miditemp :o

Or does maybe Muse Research plan to publish a controller itself (like HOUSTON for Steinberg) :hihi: that would be a hit, wouldn't it ?!

c ya

Robert Karasek
308 posts since 1 Oct, 2004 from Germany

Post Wed Oct 20, 2004 1:50 pm

What about that DOEPFER controllers ? anyone tried that combination ?
i mean:
# Doepfer Drehbank MIDI-Controller[/quote]

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