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I'm completely new to this, so be gentle with me.
Ubuntu 18.04, Pulseaudio, JACK not installed.
When I start the program, in beginner mode I get a red box that says: "Stop ALL sounds!", and in advanced mode I get "Panic!".
In any case I get no output sound from the keyboard, although pressing a key appears to show a sound level.
Below is the command line output. I set up the config file according to this link: (

david@david~/$ zynaddsubfx -O ALSA -l ~/zyn-config-16.xmz
Sample Rate = 44100
Sound Buffer Size = 256 samples
Internal latency = 5.8 ms
ADsynth Oscil.Size = 1024 samples
lo server running on 13237
Master file loaded.
[INFO] Nio::start()
Starting Audio: ALSA
ALSA buffer size: 2048
Audio Started
Starting MIDI: ALSA
MIDI Started
[INFO] exec-after-init
[INFO] startup OSC
[INFO] UI calbacks
[INFO] OSC replay
midi list updating...
[INFO] auto_save setup
[INFO] NSM Stuff
[INFO] Main Loop...
Unknown address<BACKEND:online> '/cfg.UserInterfaceMode:i'
Unknown path '/cfg.UserInterfaceMode:i'
midi list updating...
size = 5, i=0, text='ALSA'
size = 5, i=1, text='JACK'
size = 5, i=2, text='NULL'
size = 5, i=3, text='OSS'
size = 7, i=0, text='ALSA'
size = 7, i=1, text='JACK'
size = 7, i=2, text='JACK-MULTI'
size = 7, i=3, text='NULL'
size = 7, i=4, text='OSS'
size = 7, i=5, text='OSS-MULTI'
...... etc......

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