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Really hoping someone can help me out here! I've been trying to use Blue Cat's DPMP similar to Fruity's Peak Controller. I have an audio channel with the Blue Cat on there as an insert using the "Rev Peak to Midi CC" preset and automation enabled in the preset settings.

In my logic midi environment I have attached a midi monitor to this channel to see what messages are coming out. I then attach this to a fader and change the input/output to convert to the midi channel and CC number of the relevant FX parameter. To test this I try moving the fader around and I can see the fx parameter changing so it all appears to be working thus far.

I press play and I can see the midi output from Blue Cat's DPMP being routed to the faders that I've setup, however, there is no movement in the effect now. It's stopped working.. In this particular case I was trying to control the high cut filter frequency on Logic's Channel EQ. When I click on the fader it works, but when I press play although I can see the faders moving around nothing happens on my Logic EQ... Have I done something fundamentally wrong here? Curiously if I change the output of these faders to any of logic's channel faders on the mixer, or bus send amounts then they work no problem. But for some reason it's not working when I try to control any actual insert FX.

I hope I was clear enough in explaining the issue.



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So I posted this on the logic pro help board and got a response that seems to have solved my problem for the time being. Just thought I'd pop it up on here incase anyone was interested: ... 40#p645240 (

Basically I had to send the midi to an IAC Bus and then route/convert this data again. It's a bit of a round about way but at least it works! Interestingly, the messages coming out of Blue Cat DPMP are Fader messages, but I have to convert these to Control messages and then BACK to Fader messages to get them working.

So the environment now looks like this: Audio Channel w/ Blue Cat DPMP --> Monitor --> Transformer (converts Fader to Control MSG) --> Midi Instrument (IAC Bus)

Then in the Clicks and Ports layer I have added an additional monitor and fader so it now looks like this: Physical Inputs (IAC Bus) --> Monitor --> Fader (Changes Control Message to Fader Message on relevant channel & CC#) --> Channel to be effected
Hope some other people find this helpful if you've been encountering some similar problems.

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Thanks for posting both the question and answer here. We have indeed noticed that in many cases the direct connection with fader messages stopped working a couple of Logic releases ago (it was actually already a 9,x version if I remember well), but Apple was not able to fix it despite several bug reports. This method looks like a good way to avoid this bug, even though it is definitely not so convenient!

We will update our tutorials to make it easier until (maybe one day) Apple fixes the problem.

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