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Post Wed Jun 17, 2020 7:16 am

A new update for LM Skin is available!

Version 1.18 Build 200617
Work-in-progress update to support released PnS 3.3

[New] Skin settings editor is disabled by default to speed up skin loading. Enable or disable skin sections from menu ("Menu->Enable sections")
[New] "Auto-reload scripts" feature (save your script/kuiml file and it's automatically reloaded in PnS)
[New] "Controls generator" module to easily customize or make new widgets (knobs, meters, faders etc). Any widget based on TEMPLATE can be edited (currently enabled only for LMR_TPL_KNOB).
[New] Drag to resize: plugin main window can be resizeable (disabled by default), see skin xml <MAKE_RESIZEABLE ... > option (experimental). Make sure to set .kuiml skin width and height to 100% to use with resizeable skin.
[Added] Data model support for plugin intercommunication (shared data model is implemented in all Blue Cat Audio plugins, but is not intended to use in Plug-n-Script, probably because of implementation complexity when using multiple different scripts in one plugin)
[Improved] Export:
+ build and immediately open your plugin in external application. Right click on "Build results" LED icon to set up application and param, click on it to execute app. Optionally enable "auto-" mode to be executed upon successful build.
+ optimization routine: additionally reduce skin size by 5-40% stripping usused blocks of code from copied files.
* In "Normal" mode optimization removes blocks marked as <!-- NO_EXPORT --> ... <!-- END_NO_EXPORT --> and /* NO_EXPORT */ ... /* END_NO_EXPORT */
* In "Strong" mode it also removes unused TEMPLATES and DEFINES.
* In "Intense" mode it also removes unused classes and functions from script files.
* If strong/intense optimization uncorrectly removes the items you need, you can explicitly mention them in .kuiml file like that: <EXPORT requires="myfunc;myClass;MYTEMPLATE;MYDEFINE" />
* Optionally strip all comments and whitespaces/newlines (which can lead up to 20% of size reduction and almost obfuscate your KUIML code).
+ support for exporting data model (copies required data model files and [scriptName].model located in current script folder)
+ option to select another skin for export (for example export with debug skin for testing)
+ option to replace right click action on export (in addition to existing replacements)
+ option to make custom .kuiml body statically included after export (instead of dynamically loading via KUIML_WIDGET), which speeds up GUI loading time
+ auto copy 'About', 'Legal' and 'Presets' folders from scripts directory
+ add builddate on export into default.xml and About/about.xml

[Added] Support for SCRIPT_DATA_PATH variable in PnS 3.3
[Added] Support for hi-resolution controls in PnS 3.3
[Added] EXTENSIONS_DIR for reusing pieces of code in .kuiml
[Added] Extensions: Log (experimental, may change) and color_preview
[Added] Auto-check for updates (disable "About LM Skin" section to skip update check every 14 days)

[Improved] Skins now can be saved (via Skin Save As...) to any folder/subfolder
[Improved] status() can be used to read value as well
[Improved] status can be animated - status("text", duration_in_sec)
[Improved] Faster skin reloading
[Improved] Skin scanner: shortens too long paths, fixes in copying template code, close and back buttons

[Fixed] Skin settings window unexpected changing position
[Fixed] Skin scanner browser limits length of too long filenames on screen
[Fixed/Changed] all _DIR variables end with "/" and contain full path, all _SUBDIR vars don't have start/end slashes (old skins may fail to load - update <INC .. /> and <LOAD_FONTS .. /> parts)
[Changed] /scripts/RenderObjects are moved to /controls/LMR_Scripts
[Changed] All KUIML scripts now have .as (AngelScript) extension

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Post Mon Jun 22, 2020 10:34 am

Very nice! That's an impressive changelog, once again!!

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Post Tue Mar 09, 2021 5:57 am

Hi, last version downloaded and last version of PlugNScript using... exported script are not loaded in Presonus Studio One 5


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Post Tue Mar 09, 2021 8:34 am

Hello! There's not enough information in your post: Windows or Mac, which plugin format you're using?
If you're on Windows, make sure both the "plugin.dll" or "plugin.vst3" and "plugin-data" folder are copied side by side to your plugins location.
Make sure exported VST3 are located in "C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3".
Try loading them in different DAWs like Reaper or maybe Blue Cat Patchwork, to see if it's Studio One issue only.
In general plugins exported with PnS and LM Skin work totally fine in Studio One.

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