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Post Thu May 08, 2008 7:18 pm

Hello ManyTone Customers
Below is a copy of the latest ManyTone Newsletter just sent out.
I think it contains some good news for our customers so we are also posting it here in the forum.

You should have received this via email (or will receive it soon) if you are in our database.
Best Regards


Hello ManyTone Customers

Time for some updates on what's happening @ ManyTone these days.
We have some product updates and other things to let you know about. Read on for the juicy details. and the ManyBass update. has launched. You can find it at
If you are a ManyBass owner you will surely want to register for the website as all your updates are there as well as some great additional free Samples and Tutorials. Be sure to grab the latest version of ManyBass from your account page. The Mac version was just updated to fix preset name issues in Digital Performer. On the PC, if you have the version with "ACT", you already have the latest PC version. If your GUI does not show ACT below the soundset browser then your update is on

Even if you are not a ManyBass owner, please stop by and have a look. Some of the info is available to all viewers without registering.

ManyGuitar available for Mac!

ManyGuitar has been released for Mac. If you are a Mac user and want a Low CPU VSTi guitar sampler/synth then be sure to check out ManyGuitar. Both PC and Mac versions are currently on sale. You can pick up ManyGuitar for $79.95 right now!

If you are a current PC (Windows) ManyGuitar user and would like a free Mac version of ManyGuitar then just drop us an email and we'll get you the links to download. Please include your original purchase email address.

ManyTone Products all on Sale!

That's right, all ManyTone Products are on sale right now. Don't miss out on these great deals.
Here is the scoop on the Sale Prices:

ManyStation - $59.95 (or $49.95 crossgrade from WusikStation or ManyGuitar) PC only
ManyOne - $24.95 PC or Mac
ManyGuitar - $79.95. Now available for MAC and PC!!!!
ManyBass - $119.95 or $179.95 for the bundle. PC or Mac. Demo version now available!

Please stop by the website, and have a look.

ManyTone Upright and Acoustic/Electric Bass, officially released for Kontakt.

We have released the Upright bass and the Ovation Acoustic Electric bass in Kontakt format. The new versions feature a custom GUI and a custom script that blends the Direct and the Mic Soundsets. This is a great set of samples and programming for those of you that own Kontakt. There is a new webpage for the Kontakt versions, with more info and screenshots, on our website.

These sample sets are also available in Wusik/ManyTone format and Soundfont (SF2) and VSampler.
You can pick up the Upright or the Acoustic/Electric on sale for $19.95 each right now.

Existing owners of these bass sample packs can simply email us to receive the Kontakt version Free! Please include your original purchase email address.

New things happening here.

The next product you will see from us will be a fantastic Fretless Bass Sample Package in various sample formats. We are also working on releasing our current Bass addon sets, including this new set, for the CakeWalk Dimension format. Stay tuned to the ManyTone forum for the latest news.

Besides that, we are working on ManyGuitar's successor. There is a Feature Request thread and a bit of info on this on our forum.
Remember though, that this will take a lot of time to complete, we have some great ideas, and new sample work to undertake, so it will keep us busy for some time before we "officially" announce anything. The forum is the place to give us your ideas and requests while we are in this stage of development.


Once again, Thanks for being a ManyTone Customer!. It's the Customers who make us what we are! We would love it if you stopped by our forum and said hello!

Paul Brown
ManyTone Music

(BTW - If you receive more than 1 copy of this email, we apologize. Our current mail list sends out to each products database, so this could result in you receiving more than 1 copy if you own more than 1 product. We will improve this in the future so that you'll only get 1 copy. Until then... Double, Triple and Quadruple apologies and Extra thanks for owning more than 1 of our products!)

(If you only received this email once, well what are you waiting for... we've got everything on sale right now. It's a great time to get into all of our products databases) ;-)

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Post Thu May 08, 2008 10:32 pm

Just seen this briefly from work but will log in later when I get home tonight, alls looking good at Manytone!
All the best

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Post Fri May 09, 2008 12:42 pm

Thanks Don!

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Post Fri May 09, 2008 1:35 pm

Many thanks!
I am very happy with your service!

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Post Fri May 09, 2008 4:54 pm

You guys are swell, to use an antiquated phrase. Sorry for the misplaced irreverence. I really appreciate the free Kontakt stuff for the Acoustic/Electric bass sounds.

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