how does crusher-x handles MPE?

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Post Mon Feb 01, 2021 7:05 am

perhaps the wrong question, but plugins, VSTi most of the times, also their FX versions, tend to interpret MPE not always the same, i.e. the channels.. 1 global, 15 per 'voice'.
some plugins, one i certainly know, handles all channels, as voices..
MPE isn't rocket science, but even simple things, can get complicated.

but to the point, maybe it is a wrong setting in the DAW;

1. crusher-x in bitwig studio 3.3.1 receives MPE as expected, one key, opens 2 grain'streams'. more keys, yes, more grains..

2. crusher-x in cubase pro 11; one key, the grain count goes to 30 (or grainstreams.. what is best term for crusher-x), the global count you can set, which is how cubase handles MPE; 1 global/15 voices. but immediately. i use the 'any' method, not the best method, tried the note expression way. no difference (maybe didn't do something right, but i succeeded before to let it work...).

so one key, 30 (2x15), grains...

cubase is as capable with MPE as bitwig, perhaps bitwig is more easy, yes, more easy, but still very capable, in cubase way.

what causes this difference?

(standalone, i use now the 32 bit version, MPE works as expected. o yes, i use a roli seabord block + 2 lightpad M blocks. global channel is set to 1, lower. in most cases, or in my case, all... thé option.)
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