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Post Mon Jun 13, 2011 7:13 am

Over the years, there have been some users who experienced problems downloading and/or extracting rar files, most of these users were on Mac. There have been more recently since the Reed Organs sample set was released.

I'm posting below some tips that were given to me by users.

- ctrl+click (Mac) / right clic (PC) and 'save file to disk'.
- alternatively, try to download it with a different browser.
- use Firefox, not Safari
- copy and paste the link from the email to your browser address bar

- Be sure that the password is entered exactly as it is. The best is to do a cut and paste making sure that there are no blank space either at the beginning and/or end of the password.
-use the latest Winrar. There's a free version (Mac and PC) that you can download here:
- use Stuffit Expander instead of UnRAR
- rar expander has been reported to work well too: http://rarexpander.sourceforge.net/
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3266 posts since 31 Oct, 2002 from Montreal, Canada

Post Thu Nov 07, 2013 7:59 am

It has been reported to me that Unrar X has some problems extracting password protected files even though it extracts correctly the unprotected ones.

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