Three free instruments for Looptical (iOS)

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Post Sat Jun 14, 2014 4:10 pm

Two Drum-based instuments made with samples from 2 of my commercial sample sets: MC cuts, Zvon Jawharp
One Keyboard-based instrument made with samples from one of my free sample sets: MyMusicMaker

The 12 samples of the "MC cuts" kit are trimmed version of longer samples from the Memory Collection Packs.
Note that these are new edits that are released here for the first time.

The 12 jaw harp samples of the "Zvon Jawharp" kit are from the demo of the Out There sample set.

The MyMusicMaker is made of samples from the My Music Maker toy electronic keyboard. The mapping is extended by Looptical but the range of the original samples is from C4 to A#5. Note that all the original notes are flat by an average of 30 cents and I have not retuned the samples to keep the original character of the toy keyboard.

Note these are in the Looptical format and they can only be used with it.

Download it here:


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