The case of the Christmas Pudding

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Post Tue Dec 24, 2019 9:28 am

There's a new Memory Collection that I made specifically for The Sound Test Room. The samples in it are taken from " The Case of the Christmas Pudding", an episode of the TV show Sherlock Holmes (1954) that is now in the Public Domain.

The pack contains 224 samples (70 MB) including voice/spoken word/dialogs, sfx and music.

It is available for free to all The Sound Test Room patrons, if you already are a TSTR patron just log in and vist the Rewards area. If not, you can be a Patron for only $1 USD a month.

Visit this page for more info:

I will post an audio example or a video after Christmas!

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Post Thu Jan 02, 2020 9:00 pm

Here's the demo video, a sample from my Baby Bells sample set (Absurd Bell) is also showcased.

Track was made in Audio Evolution Mobile Studio (iOS version) using its built-in soundfont player and the Auv3 apps Chameleon (4Pockets), Mellowsound (fingerlab) and Poison 202 (JimAudio). Audio Evolution and Eventide Blackhole reverbs added some color too! Oh I used Autony (Pagefall limited) to generate a MIDI part.

Final mastering was done with SoundForge and iZotope RX Advanced on a PC.

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