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Post Thu Oct 22, 2020 5:30 pm

Here's a free Halloween fun download for Koala Sampler users. I mapped 16 samples, mostly from the Memory Collection 08 - Horror Comedies, to create some Halloween themed loops with it. Sadly I don't have the time to pursue this before next Saturday so I've decided to offer the file for free.

So by song, I am referring to the Koala file format and not an actual finished song! Use this link to download the file directly to your iOS or Android device and open it in Koala:
http://www.lesproductionszvon.com/downl ... 2020.koala

The file also includes 2 (very) unfinished sequences. This second link below contains the 16 wave files so they can be used in any other app that loads wav:
http://www.lesproductionszvon.com/downl ... en2020.zip

Note that some samples are long and can be further trimmed or splitted. Don't hesitate to post anything you come up with or email me your creations!

Memory Collection 03 - Horror Movies and Memory Collection 08 - Horror Comedies are 50% off, only $16 for both, or $6 for MC 03 and $10 for MC 08 until November 2nd.


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