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I'm considering using one of your plugs to create a 5.1 track for a video project, but I don't know if your tools can pan the sound as follows:

Based on what I've read, it looks like I can route my audio tracks to a combination of 5 speakers, plus a subwoofer. I can then move around in the box to get nearer or farther from these speakers to simulate moving around in the sound field. However, what I'd like to be able to do is simulate the condition of turning one's head in addition to translation. It seems to me your panner does not do that - it always faces straight ahead, and only translation is possible.

Given what I've mentioned, is there a way - or do you already have a tool - that will allow me to places sources of sound within a virtual room, and then move around in it, including the condition of turning one's head while doing so? Can my motion be recorded? Also, can the sound sources be moved and recorded too?

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I am not sure that I understand what you mean by "turning one's head" in a "virtual room".
If this means virtual processing in HRTF binaural, no, I don't implement this. All my plugs are only made for real multi speakers settings.
You can try for example the free HRTF 3D from Christion Budde :

In the other hand, if what you mean is "move the sound on the 5 speakers according to what you would hear if you turn you head", yes of course, just move the inputs according to the movement you want to do. There is no difference to translation or rotation, just move them like you want.
You can move each input separately or set values of X and Y link like you want to make the right input "follow" the left one in circle.

The SpatReap 66 uses global movement tools that are made for such things (with green little joystick).
All the movements can be automated and recorded of course.

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