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Post Sun Dec 19, 2010 2:41 am

Hello everybody,

You may have noticed that updates and new plugins were becoming rare ...

The first reason is the state of those I use most satisfies me, the second being that I do not have enough time for some improvements (rewrite in SynthEdit 1.1) or certain new projects.

Finally, there is a third reason for what their development will still be slowed : it is the imminent arrival of version 4 of Reaper, which will have an excellent standard surround module, which should satisfy the majority of its users.
And as it is by far the best host for the AcousModules, I prefer to let working Justin and Schwa and devote myself to composition :wink:

I do not let users fall so far, and will continue to answer questions and provide updates when necessary.

Cheers !

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