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Post Fri Jul 17, 2009 5:01 am

ccosta wrote:
Aradaz Crunch is very good, for crunch , low gain, very light on cpu.
--- THIS is great! --- Thank you Arie!
ccosta wrote:
That's the problem with plug-ins: tomorow will be another better one.
No no no! :o That's not a problem, since every preamp is unique and fantastic, and thus will have its permanent place in my VST-folder.
ccosta wrote:
  • -- Aradaz (crunch, green, white),
    -- Nick Crow (simple, ...)
    -- Preampus Brain
are kicking the as.. of the paying stuff.
:D Yeah. absolutely, and here we've to add (because we don't wanna forget):
  • -- LePou Solo-C
    -- frettedsynth "freeamp 2.5" and "freeamp 3.5".
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