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Jesus, I only now started to understand the beauty of RC24. :dog: The sale is over. :idiot:

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Bummer dude

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TheoM wrote:
antithesist wrote:hibidy: Are you liking one better than the other? [24 or 48]

I'm still holding out for half-price. I don't know enough about NI sale trends to predict when (and if) that might be. Maybe early summer? I think they did their last 50% off sale a couple months after releasing one of the native effects bundles.

I'm trying to spread it out these days and have enough NI/Softube. I don't want to get any more invested with most of the developers I already have, but these are at the top of my list for Native Instruments. In fact, they're the only thing(s) on that list.

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I'm all about the 24. Its modulation and hall sound rich and wonderful. The 48 just isn't as nice (but still nice) and then you try the relab one and realise how awesome a real 480 is, and that softube didn't nail it quite as well as I first thought. I don't even know if the 24 is accurate, but I absolutely LOVE it. I pitted everything I had against it for a large moving hall, but not huge,just nice and big (ie not eos or warmverb type), and it was the absolute dogs bollocks for me (for our USA friends that means friggin awesomely sick as :grin:)

I can't recommend it enough, the 24 that is, and I think anyone could benefit from having it in their reverb toolbox, and yes, even people who own v room, cause that's totally diff :)

ESPECIALLY for people that use 2caudio stuff, this will give you a completely different flavour to complement it :)
Ah, what a difference a year or so makes. Well... sometimes, anyway. Yeah, we have both Relabs now. I use the lite/rhall version the most. I agree that it's hard to justify the RC48 vs. the LX480, even at half-price.

Honestly though, the reverb I use the most is the SSL Duende X-Verb that I picked up for half-price during the sale earlier this year. I still have CSR that I bought cheap ($40?) the year before. After getting deep into that and then Martin Lind/Warp69's subsequent X-Verb and LX480, I see the lineage. To me, the X-Verb takes CSR and the LX480 into the future, much the way the Exponential Audio reverbs do for the Lexicon Plug-ins.

The X-Verb didn't seem to get much notice because of the high price, being locked to the Duende hardware to start out with, being late to true RTAS, the sometimes dodgy codemeter CP for native, and now, whether or not AAX or other updates will happen. It makes me wonder about what all went on behind the scenes with Michael Olsen, etc.

Don't get me wrong. I like Softube's NI reverbs and their own TSARs, though I still have neither. I explained a little in another thread why I went for the Reaktor to K9 crossgrade. K9U would have cost me almost twice as much and overlapped way too much since I got the Vintage Compressors and Premium Tube Series the year before.

The same goes for the 2C stuff, though I might want B2 in the future. My partner also has all the Valhalla plug-ins, the Lexicon PCM Total Bundle, Exponential Phoenix/R2, and is about to upgrade to the surround versions before the end of their current sale. That's a lot of reverb at our disposal. Softube and NI got our money in other ways, though.
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Post Mon Dec 16, 2013 4:03 pm

I picked up both during the recent sale....Demoing the 24 sold me, but I am using the 48 just as much, especially on pad sounds, 'smears' them very nicely!

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