Looking for the closest thing to Softube Weiss DS1. SOLVED!

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Kazi7 wrote:
Thu Sep 23, 2021 10:15 am
briefcasemanx wrote:
Thu Sep 23, 2021 9:01 am
Lol, one processor having higher bit depth or sample rate doesn't make it have better sound quality than something with lower specs.

Maybe it has higher sound quantity.
It's actually a major aspect in sound quality. Lower bit depth and sample rate = potentially more issues with aliasing and interharmonic distortion (= undesirable digital artefacts). Since we are talking about clean, digital compressors here, we can take other aspects determining sound quality, such as saturation and analog behaviour largely out of the equation. So what we are left with is the compression behavior and sample rate / bit depth of the processing.
Oh, that's interesting, before you were staying that sound quality was "factually" determined by bit depth and sample rate, and here you've added more to that determination. Cool that you've admitted that you were wrong, I guess.

Also, you should review the difference between qualitative and quantitative. Quality is qualitative (same root), but you're acting as if it's quantitative.
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I guess your former opponent was already banned.

No need to invest more energy here.
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Yes I would also initially suggest fircomp and kotelnikov as possible alternatives but I do also think the Weiss is different to both of those.
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