Best mastering chain with plugins?

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Post Sat Oct 23, 2021 3:08 am

My choice:

bx_digital v3
Tone projects - unisum
Fabfilter L2

What is yours? Why?

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Post Sat Oct 23, 2021 3:22 am

iZotope Ozone because it's got everything you need. I mostly let the Master Assistant do its thing and then tweak it until I'm happy. When we play live, it's just FireCobra and the limiter that comes with Studio One.
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Post Sat Oct 23, 2021 4:42 am

Kazrog True Iron -> Pro-L2 (set to catch incidental peaks) -> Gullfoss (add some brightness and detail) -> Weiss DS1-MK3 (about 3db of gain reduction on the compressor and limiter, mid side mode and channel link engaged) -> Pro-L2 (grab some more peaks, final levelling and dither)

This gives a big boost and adds a bit of weight but is overall very transparent and easy to level out between the 2 Pro-L2 instances (which avoids having to redial the compressor too much). If you need more vibe or dynamic control you can always throw in same more saturators, compressors and what not before the first limiter. You can also place Gullfoss after the Weiss for a different sound.

I wouldn't say I'm a mastering engineer, but this gets the job done for my homebrew setup. There isn't a whole lot you can get wrong with this.

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Post Sat Oct 23, 2021 5:36 am

My template is: Crave EQ -> Magic Death Eye -> TEOTE -> Sideminder ZL -> Elephant

I keep the compression pretty gentle, and on TEOTE I usually don't let it boost (or not very much), just cut.

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Post Sat Oct 23, 2021 6:21 am

TDR Slick eq M
TDR Kotelnikov (sometimes)
JS wider
TDR limiter
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Post Sat Oct 23, 2021 7:10 am

LVC Limited-MAX

or sometimes even just:

LVC Limited-Z for some quick Loudness.
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Post Sat Oct 23, 2021 8:15 am

My basic chain is

Slick EQ M -> Limiter 6

With a good mix that should be enough.

To fix problems Nova GE is useful. When putting together a record it can be helpful to saturate/compress some tracks to bring them closer to the vibe of others. In which case I will shoot out a few saturators or compressors: Kotelnikov GE, Solid Bus, MJUC and IRON often win for compression; Spectre, SDRR, Reelbus 4 and BussColors4 are saturation stars.

More than once I found it helpful to add a tiny bit of (convolution) room reverb; one has to be careful with the frequency response but it can add width and life to an overly narrow, dry mix.

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Post Sat Oct 23, 2021 8:30 am

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Post Sat Oct 23, 2021 9:10 am

i put flatblaster on the master, to kill any speaker/ear destroying peaks/pops/whistles while noodling with the modular.
that's about it these days.

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Post Sat Oct 23, 2021 9:19 am

It's easy. TC MD4 HD.
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Post Sat Oct 23, 2021 9:24 am

Basic chain is:
MAutodynamic EQ
Elysia Alpha
TDR Slick EQ M
TDR Limiter 6 or Acon Limiter

depending on the music, plugins will be added inbetween.


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Post Sat Oct 23, 2021 11:20 am

Ramm Darkened wrote:
Sat Oct 23, 2021 9:19 am
It's easy. TC MD4 HD.
Yeaaaa... this one is perfect sounding. One of the best.

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Post Sat Oct 23, 2021 11:34 am

Ozone Advanced

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Post Sat Oct 23, 2021 1:48 pm

Gullfoss Mastering
{ compression, eq, other processing as needed}
IK Tape 80
16 LUFS target

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Post Mon Oct 25, 2021 4:40 am

Depends, the better the mix, the less I have to do in master. Just a bit of saturation, compressing, imaging, eq and limiting... if anything else than eq/limit is needed.
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