MIDIFAN-Kong Audio 2012 Chinese Music Competition Results

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Kong Audio and MIDIFAN have just announced the winners of their joint event, the MIDIFAN-KONG AUDIO Chinese Music Competition in China. The more detailed results can be found here (in Chinese though, sorry).

1st place: Chattering Strings 《弄弦》 作者: 王熙皓(Seehom Wong)北京 中央音樂學院
2nd place:Goodbye Again, Cambridge 《再別康橋》 作者:钱雷
3rd place:The Sword Dance of Assasin 《恨生劍舞》 作者: 汪泓宇 四川綿陽
4th place: Dance Song of the Yi 《彝族舞曲》 作者:高海 辽宁瓦房店
5th place: Rolling'n Grinding 《軋碾》 作者:栾家 山东师范大学音乐学院
6th place: Legend of the Sword 《劍門傳奇》 作者:颜伟 四川綿陽
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More detailed info about the winners (in English):


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