v2.11 update for Chinee Orchestra and all Chinee Series instruments

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Post Sat Nov 30, 2013 1:32 am

Kong Audio has released the free 2.11 update for Chinee Orchestra and all Chinee Series instruments.

What's new:
  • QIN RV engine updated to v2.11.
  • Lots of new presets added for all instruments.
  • Note ranges changed for some instruments(mostly the fiddles), for the sake of making them correspond to notation software mappings more properly.
  • Some minor bug fixes and small GUI enhancements.
  • All the KAI Core instruments are updated. Also updated are the sample content of Winds, NanXiao, ErHu I/II, JingHu, GaoHu, MaTouQin.
All registered users should have received the download links. Again, quite a portion of users either have their email address become nonfunctional, or some of their servers are blocking our message. If you haven't received your free update email, drop us a line either via email or PM me here. 

The newly added presets took us quite some work. They should greatly help users who are less-inclined to tweak/make custom presets to have a wider varieties to work with. We still encourage users to actually tweak/make their own presets though, as that's what QIN engine is for: for users to make the instruments truly yours. ;)


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