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Post Thu Dec 19, 2013 7:37 pm

For a limited time(till Jan 17, 2014), Chinee Series Big Winds Pack, which includes 8 types of instruments(17 recorded instruments in total) can be had with a special promo discount: instead of $338, the whole pack is only $269(20% off) now! Not only you get Kong Audio's flagship product ChineeWinds, you also get the most comprehensive Chinese wind collection on the market. Don't miss out!
  • ChineeWinds: Flutes Hors D'oeuvre. Contains 8 different flutes, most importantly different DiZi's.
  • NanXiao: The Flute of Melancholy
  • SuoNa: The Stentorian Brass
  • GuanZi:The Pipe of Tristesse
  • Sheng: The Mouth Organ of Concord
  • HuLuSi:The Riveting Bottle Gourds
  • BaWu: The Free-Reed of China
  • Xun: Ancient Errie Ocarina

Get something genuine, inspiring, and fun.
For more info about the special deal:

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