Free Pianoteq sounds: The Klaus P. Rausch Collection

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Post Mon Jan 13, 2014 3:08 am

I love the physical modeling software instrument Pianoteq from Modartt.

A while ago they asked me: "What if you would create a couple of sounds for it?". So I did 12 and beside my versions of the Rhodes, Grand Piano and Clavinet I decided to make some innovative freestyle sounds too. This explains the Pin tacked Piano, the Hard Strat, Folk Harp and Space Wire which is a kind of abuse of the original instrument models.

Pianoteq provides the sounds as the

Klaus P. Rausch Collection


as a free add-on to all owners of the software! You can find it here

together with audio demos for each sound and an info box about me.

Have fun playing them!
-Sound Research & Development-

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