New Audio Sampling CD: Silver Pieces #2

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Silver Pieces #2
-Rare Instruments Collection 1-


The brandnew created Silver Pieces #2 -Rare Instruments Collection 1- is a perfect sound resource for every passionated Hardware Sampler owner. Sounds taken from rare and unusual instruments, orchestrals, voice effects and more. Ready to sample them and to use them as they are, or modify them with unique parameters only the Vintage Hardware Samplers provide.

25 different categories and a total of 1.300 samples (over 550 MB) for a decent variety and useful for any music style. Check the below complete sound category listing for details.

Audio Sampling CDs were pretty popular in the early Hardware Sampler days. Since a while those Vintage Hardware Samplers like Akai S1000, Emu-Systems Emax, Ensoniq ASR10 and others are in the hands of sampling enthusiasts who are doing creative things with those sound devices. For all them I produced a brandnew Audio Sampling CD to get access to rare and unusual instruments ready to sample them. Of course the audio data is alternatively available as WAV formated download product too.

Product page:

Product overview PDF: ... le_content

Request a set of original WAV samples and load them into your Hardware Sampler to get your own practial impression about this stunning new sample library.
-Sound Research & Development-

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