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Post Wed Feb 19, 2014 9:25 am

The new updated version 3.0 Lautmalerei -Orchestral Wild Takes- is available with 50 new orchestral soundscapes. Now over 800 samples with a total content of 1.24 GB.


The 3.0 update is free of charge for registered owners of Lautmalerei 2.0

Check the youtube short film sounddemo with some of the new samples here:

For those who don't know Lautmalerei:

The entire orchestra as sonic-drawing unit - perfect for every kind of cinematic music style. Use it as handy tool for large movie soundtrack production or even weird computer animation. Lautmalerei underscores, punctuates and emphasize each visual scene. Lautmalerei is now available as a updated version 3.0 with optimized audio editing and new orchestral scene entries.

Orchestral scenes, phrases and hits with three different orchestras recorded in three concert halls. Long and dynamic and evolving tone structures up to 30 seconds length and even more. But also short accents, orchestral hits, swells and slides. Natural acoustic of the original concert halls, not replacable with electronic reverb simulations. Additional memory-efficient construction kits for quick score writing purposes. Completely recorded in stereo.

With this sample library you get access to legato chords in decent length up to 30 seconds and even longer, staccato lines, cluster, swells and counterrotating soundscapes. Thanks to a comprehensive documentation PDF you get a decent written description at a glance. No time consuming search for specific phrases and runs. Many samples are provided in several root keys, no need for any time stretching or compression.

Product page:

Lautmalerei is also available as starter version Volume 1 for only Euro 39.00 (download product, WAV format) and can always be upgraded to the big 3.0

Volume 1 youtube clip:
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