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New: ManyOne EazySynth

This software instrument is a must-have for everyone who is tired of feature-overloaded synths but wants to create own sounds though.


Back to the roots - this easy handling sample-based synthesizer is a pleasure to work with. Equipped with a huge waveform library and a clear focus on musically useful sounds. Carefully created waveforms with a wide range from analog sawtooth and Pulse Wide Modulation to harmonic digitals and instrument types.

All them can be modified easily by simply turning a knob on the one-page interface and enhanced with the 3 onboard effects section, which can be used in combination too.

The huge 216 waveform content plus 40 multisample instruments and over 500 ready-to-use Presets are a great start point to create your very own sound.

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Product page:

EazySynth is also available as sample library w/Presets expansion for ManyOne and ManyOne Deluxe 2.0
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