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Kronos Analogic

Analogic is a handling concept and sound library that turns your Korg Kronos into an analog synthesizer.

All major parameters of an analog synthesizer are assigned to the Kronos Controller system: Knobs, Sliders, Switches, Joysticks, Aftertouch, Ribbon. This allows to change any sound of the included sound library by simply turning a Knob, pushing a Button and so on.


This allows a performance like playing on an analog synthesizer with ease. Brilliance, loudness, tone modulations, even echo effects and much more is controllable simply by using the Controllers. All of them are setted to standards, this means that every sound uses the same Controllers for the same tone adjustments. There are only a few differences due to the several Kronos sound engines. Plus tablet-style version via TouchView Display!

All 125 Presets are always programmed with a set of four different KARMA Arpeggio, bass line and chord pattern that always fits nicely to the concerned sound.

The included 20-page instructional manual (PDF) explains how to handle the Analogic system.

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Kronos SynthChoir

A human touch for every music production. The choir and vocals are created with analog and digital devices and human voice. The sound range covers synthetics in the first place, but sometimes it sounds pretty real. Over 60 samples (multisamples and one-shots) including special sound effects for spacy layer purposes.


All 100 Program Presets are assigned with a standard Controller setup, so every timbre can be modified in realtime by the same Controller. An additional KARMA programming for rhythmic use of the sounds is also included with every Program.

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