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Strings and Brass for contemporary music styles. For the Alesis Fusion Workstation. 25 powerful multisamples and many Program Presets, perfectly organized and with smart Controller assignment for easy realtime adjustment.


Brass Sections from Horns to Trumpets, several articulations mp, ff, soft, tight, brilliant. Solo instruments like French Horn, Trombone, Trumpet. String Ensembles in different player sizes, big, strong and powerful, also smooth and smaller Ensembles as well as single Violins for solo parts. 75 ready-to-use Program Presets with divers tone colors and Ensemble settings.

All Controller Knobs and Switches parameters are always the same for every Program Preset. Also, the Reverb sounds similar for all Presets to provide the impression that the instruments are in the same room or stage.

See product page with Audio Track, youtube clip and PDF full documentation for all details here: ... -orchestra
-Sound Research & Development-

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