Why you left Bitwig?

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Post Thu Oct 14, 2021 10:15 pm

pdxindy wrote:
Thu Oct 14, 2021 6:31 am
I've become used to using all these tools and the majority of them have no meaningful equivalent in other DAW's. Everyone prioritizes the features that are important to them, so I understand why someone would use Live, or Studio One, Logic, Cubase etc.
That's the crux of it to me, right there. The search for and MPE DAW when DP and Live didn't support it natively led me to copies of Logic, Reaper and Bitwig. The problem with deep diving into multiple DAWs isn't that they all suck or are incapable, it's that they're all great and have outstanding features the others merely gloss over. They're all really pretty amazing, and I guess in a way it makes me realize the truth in what Hanz Zimmer said about using Cubase, " The best DAW is the one you're used to." Coming from a deep understanding of Live and DP, I know exactly what's missing in Bitwig, which is a disservice to the process of really grinding in on Bitwig.

Knowing I can instantiate a SysEx dump to load sounds in a separate Chunk in DP in the same project without it interfering with the actual song I'm working on interferes with the process of figuring out how to get into the habit of doing that in Bitwig with a third party SysEx library etc.

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