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Post Fri Nov 23, 2007 4:49 pm

I would like some more features that focus on improving the playability of live as an instrument with your MIDI controller.

At the moment, the best sounds you can get from live are when you hit "play" in an arrangement and then start messing about with the parameters whilst the loop is playing.

One undervalued functionality that live can do is map each slice to a MIDI note, now this is something I do all the time but it still feels limited.

For example if you load up a loop of a guitar riff or a pad cycling through chords and then slice it up at key moments or changes in that loop, you can play the slices of the loop on a keyboard or controller in any order you see fit. This is opposed to sequencing a new arrangement by dragging slices around by the way.
  • FR#1 - Ability to map different arrangements to their own MIDI channels for controlling separate loop layered together. (At the moment "Play slices" only lets you choose one arrangement at a time to play with).

    FR#2 - Slice repeat, a trigger to have any slice cycle and loop itself. Currently if you have a long loop that you set to 1 slice and then hold down the note to play that slice, it plays through once and then stops. It would be nice to have it keep looping (bit like a sample player mode I guess).

    FR#3 - Visual indicator showing which slice you're playing when you press a note. Maybe the slice is highlighted and then an indicator scrolls through from the beginning to the end of that slice as you hold it down.

    FR#4 - Hearing Pitch/Pan and other controls change as you hold down a slice (currently you can only change these settings and hear them live whilst an arrangement is playing. It would be nice to be able to play a slice note and then use the pitch bend wheel to do a live bend of that slice for example.

    FR# 5 - Ability to "see into" refills and load up rex loops from them. This may or may not be dependent on Propellerheads propitiatory technology so if this is a problem, we'll have to work out some way to extract the waves from the refill beforehand.
So as you can see, most of these relate to the ability to execute individual slices with a controller. Amazing work Ohm so far but this area needs more!

Any other thoughts people?

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