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Post Wed Jul 09, 2008 10:39 am

hi, i have read the manual where it explains how to trigger events in the arrangement window from your midi keyboard:

"Since v. 1.2 it is possible to trigger slices from
the first track of one of the 24 arrangements. To do this go to settings and locate the control labelled "Use Arr."."

so i go to settings, and there is a text saying use arr, and besides it is a popup window where you can choose a specific note. i really dont get this, could some1 please break it down how i can trigger events from an arrangement from my midi keyboard?

and one more question, is there any function that you can activate that makes the slice/event that is currently triggered to "flash" or change color or something when played, so i can easier know wich slice/event is located on what key on my keyboard?
would really apreciate help on this one :)

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Post Thu Jul 10, 2008 6:22 am

Q1: Let's say you have set up your Arrangement as E3

Then in Settings, for Play Slices:
- set the MIDI channel for your keyboard
- set the trigger key range
- select E3 in the "Use Arr." box
- make sure the Play Arrangement values and MIDI Controller config values do not overlap
- return to the main page

have a look at this:

Big pic:

Now, keys C2 upwards will trigger the 8 events in the first track of the selected (E3) Arrangement,

Q2: No, but it has been requested. I find that after a while triggering the events I start to associate the sounds with the keys.

Interesting, if true ...

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