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Shane Sanders
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Post Sun Jun 21, 2009 8:45 am

These are really simple Battery 3 mappings, nothing fancy. In some instances, I grouped things according to the type of hit. Others are more or less chromatic if there was no compelling reason to avoid that.

In order for the Pakistani Frame Drum mapping to work, you'll need to rename the file "pakistani_frame_drum_013_war_drum_heavy_longer.wav" to "pakistani_frame_drum_014_war_drum_heavy_longer.wav". I made a mistake in the numbering, but the other parts of the filenames were different so you could tell they were not identical sounds.

Download them here:

There are no plans to create mappings for other samplers, but feel free to post maps here if you want to share (just make sure to not embed the samples, please!). :) Or you can mail them to me and I can host them.

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