Cerebrum-c4: Intelligent Groove Machine (Now Available)

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Post Sun Jun 13, 2010 8:33 am

Cerebrum-c4 has been released and is now available.

Cerebrum is a pattern based drum machine with an onboard bassline synth. There are 8 drums total, each with it's own sequencer with various randomization and velocity features. Designed with live operation in mind, Cerebrum can be used for making complex beats on the fly, with features like the Pattern Playlist and Random Probability, that ensure your rhythms stay interesting. Your beats can then be sent into the Multi-Band FX processor, split into three bands, distorted, crushed and destroyed and then squashed with the overall compressor for getting that classic 'pumping' effect with ease.

  • Specs:
    8 drum modules
    Bass arp-synth module
    Versatile sequencers for each drum module including bass synth
    Pattern Playlist feature for switching between 4 patterns, manually or automatically
    Random Probability options for each sequencer
    Aux module for external audio processing
    Multi-Band FX section with compressor
    Host sync or manual tempo
    Midi triggering of each sequencer on individual keys
    Toggle behavior options for midi triggering
    Mute/solo switches
    Multiple audio outputs
Cerebrum-c4 is available for $49 and can be purchased here:

Download the demo version here:

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