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Post Sat Dec 02, 2017 12:16 am

>VOL 1
>assuming there will be a VOL 2
Who knows ? Maybe there will be.

MuGadgets ! I forgot to release this. I forgot who, but someone suggested I do this a long time ago. And here we are.
MuGadgets are basically just random little small little things that are meant to do small and/or random things. Let me give you a rundown of what's included here;

• AudioModulators
These are terrible, but have potential for horrific sound design. The audio goes through (x) which is modulated by the audio that goes into (x), and can be adjusted. The ones included are amplitude, filter, and mono comb. It's a terrible idea and gets really loud really quick, so be sure to turn down your volume when using these. Turn it down a LOT.

• Two combs
It's as it says on the tin. EXCEPT. One's a regular comb, and the other you can apply an effect to.

• Two sine distortions
This sounds interesting to say the least. Another volume warning one. It's basically just distorting the audio with a sine wave as the shape, but to various degrees.

• Noise modulator
Same idea as the audio modulator, but modulating the audio's (x) with noise instead of the audio itself. There's only a filter version.

And lastly, there's a frequency spectrum analyzer.

SO. I hope you enjoy my terrible ideas put into gadgets ! Download - ...
It's a few kilobytes over the size limit for uploading straight on the forum.
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Re: Mux - MuGadgets VOL 1

Post Sat Dec 02, 2017 8:43 am

Very cool!
Copied into Mulib.

If anyone else has some nice MuGadgets, we can make a new category :)

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