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Post Sat Dec 29, 2018 5:48 pm

After having apologised to Jo and accepting his terms of conduct, I have decided to formally apologise to any and all members I may have offended. You'll know who you are and what this is with regards to.

I was going through a tough time with my ex which made my life hell. I don't wish to appear to be making excuses, but that's the reason, however unacceptable it may be.

So, sorry to all those great people on this forum whom I offended and thank you to Jo for a second chance.

I welcome your deserved wrath :wink:

I have been trying to get my Muzys projects ported to MuLab and plan on posting those at some point in the future. I'm no musician, but would just like some positive input on improving my skills, as I need it! :lol:
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