Feature Request: Text based project file format for easier collab

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Post Thu Jan 10, 2019 6:37 am


I'm using a version control system (bitbucket, git) to collaborate with another musician. It works almost perfect: Audio files are stored in LFS, so old recordings don't let your local repository grow unneccessarily when cloning.

But there is one downside: The .MuProject file format is binary, so it is impossible to merge conflicting edits of the project file. So if, for example, the other musician adds an audio track and I at the same time make some small changes to the mixer settings. Currently I have to decide which version to keep. One has to be thrown away.

If the MuProject was some kind of "text" format (xml, json, whatever....), then git would allow the user to merge edits and keep at best both changes. Furthermore it would be possible to track changes in history. Imagine you can track in git, that you changed Fader1 from "setting 8" to "setting 14".

What do you think? :wink:

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