Mux Modular recognition/registration weirdness on Mac/Studio One

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Post Thu Apr 30, 2020 8:49 pm

Mac OS X 10.14.6, latest versions of Studio One and Mux Modular so far as I can tell. Did the "quarantine removal" procedure first, plugin folder is under Library/Audio/Plugins/VST.

When initially trying to load the plugin, Studio One plugin scan would hang indefinitely on the instrument and FX plugin, I could only skip the scan and then the plugin would not show up in the program. Waveform, on the other hand, had no problem loading the plugin and allowed me to put in my registration code. Once the code was in, with no other changes, Mux Modular passed the Studio One scan and now appears to work properly in the DAW.

Things seem to be working now, just wanted to report it and see if anyone else had experienced anything similar with the plugin on Mac.

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Re: Mux Modular recognition/registration weirdness on Mac/Studio One

Post Fri May 01, 2020 2:24 am

Thanks for reporting this. It's probably related to showing the User License Agreement, which on Mac sometimes seems to cause a problem in some DAWs. (i suspect it has to do with DAWs that use sandboxing and don't initialize the event loop for that separate plugin thread; just a wild guess)
I've very recently changed the way the User License Agreement is shown and that should avoid the issue in all DAWs. This new way of showing the ULA will be in the next update.

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