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Post Tue Jun 22, 2021 5:48 pm

My opinion (for what it's worth) is that implementing MUX as a plugin to use in other DAWS adds a certain necessity for following certain conventions... I love the 'inspiring' aspects of Mulab tools, but the jolting dead ends of usual practice workflows makes it fairly cumbersome... A big one for me is the inability to drag and drop in and out... Having to trawl through it's own unique library for sounds, but then not being able to drag from that browser on to plugins... MASSIVE workflow block. Other things like the Audio/lip editor window not having obvious editing tools... I know, i know... It's unique, and different. But I wonder how discouraging those 'differences' are for these tools being implemented into other DAWs... I mean, if your entire toolset is basic drag and drop, then one tool says 'nope... do it the other way' Then it's very jarring. Most modern audio apps tend to accommodate all styles of workflow... But Mulab tends to dig it's heels in and give you one way of doing any operation it offers... And THAT would be my main focus if you want people to integrate. Less trying to recreate the wheel, and more new destinations for people to ride to on the wheel.

So in short... Rethink the ways in which you get sounds in and out, and from the internal browser to 3rd party vst's... If these simple actions slow a new user down, I guarantee it's going to cause hesitancy in adoption... It could be the best software in the world at making music, but if I can't work out how to load sounds of my own into it... And I use my own sounds, well then I can't use it for my purpose then.

If on the other hand, you would rather make it more of a closed circuit type tool, say like Reason of old... Then the allowance of VSTs seems contrary to it's intended use.

But seeing as Reason is now opening itself up to other protocols in an attempt to be less alienating, it seems like the market would suggest interoperability over 'uniqueness'... Of course when I say uniqueness, I mean as in workflow not functionality.

Just my layman's opinion, as a low to moderate Mulab user (of both MUX and Mulab).

My use for MUX was to add all the control of modularity to my chosen software and replace Ableton and Bitwig from my software... So I may not be the intended market of uber tweaking synth experts... I'm more the 'average user' And feel far more at home with samplers and tweaking synths to make drums over midi I make with Scaler2... So... Take that into consideration. I very much may NOT be any value in the discussion.

Anyway... Great fun tools, and I always come back to dabble with them.

Can't wait for V9 :) I can totally see the clips pulling me right back in (until I can't drag a sample to a vst again :P ) :)

Cheers V.

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