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Post Sat Apr 17, 2021 7:46 am

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to create a patch in MUX Modular that includes Captain plugins VST.
When I load the patch everything works fine, but when I open the GUI from the VST plugin, MUX completely loses MIDI input connection and this can only be fixed by loading a new instance of MUX modular.
I checked the midi connection by adding an event monitor, so I'm sure it's not just the Captain VST plugin losing MIDI input, but MUX itself.
It doesn't matter what DAW is used, tried in Waveform, Bitwig and Ableton. All the same.
It's a pity, because MUX is the only modular environment where the Captain plugins GUI is correctly rendered.

Any ideas?
Preset attached.

Thanks a lot,

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