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Post Tue Jul 20, 2021 12:49 pm

After a very long break, I had some time to make music.
I was missing something on a percussion track today. It was a compressor! When I loaded Mulab's compressor module (which is really good and works gently and which I also like to use as a limiter) it unfortunately doesn't match the material. Before I loaded a third party plugin, I tried something of my own. Since it worked wonderfully for me, I am making this patch available to you. Maybe someone can use it.
The compressor described here does not use the Mulab / Mux compressor module. It works according to the VCA principle of other compressors with an envelope follower and some amplifiers.
All you have to do is turn the INPUT control to hear compression. If you choose attack and release small, you get the famous "snaps" and "distortions" from other compressors on percussive material. If the times are set high, it can also be used on gentler material (release-time up to 1s).
Of course, I would like to see improvements for this patch.


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Post Wed Jul 21, 2021 2:36 am

This is such a great example of looking at the trees in the forrest. Nice gui too.
We jumped the fence because it was a fence not be cause the grass was greener.

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