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Post Wed Feb 27, 2013 6:44 pm

Hi there.. I have FL Studio 10 with a (cheapass) Yamaha PSR-280 attached with a MIDI to USB cable. I can play three/four note chords with some plugins, Sytrus and 3xosc definitely work, and I can play simultaneous drums with FPC. However I can only play one note at a time with Poizone. Even when I try in the piano roll there is only one note.

I already posted this in the instrument forum.. I'm new here and didn't see the 'Image-line' forum. Someone already recommended to ensure the 'mono' button was not selected but that did not help, also 'poly' is set at 3 or more. Also did not help.

Can anyone tell me how to play chords? Thanks.

Update: it would seem this is working with some parts after all, but not with 3 poly. Strange.

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