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Post Thu Nov 06, 2014 10:19 am

It would be nice if many of the plugins such as Sytrus, Harmor, Directwave and Maximus allowed DAWs to easily pick up their parameters.

As an example, if I use Bitwig or Live, often when I insert a VST plugin, I can move a parameter on the VST and the DAW will automatically select that parameter from the list or display the automation lane. This makes automation a breeze.

As it stands many image-line plugins make this task a real chore. In Live it's possible to use the plugin configure option and move the parameter or in Bitwig try and find the name of the parameter in the list. It's often just easier to record automation and move the parameters, then modify the automation, which is an additional and un-necessary process.

There are some Image-line that already report the parameters to the DAW as soon as you move a parameter such as Sawer, but that is the only one I own that does that, the others mentioned above do not.

Please implement this feature for all you plugins in keeping what most other VST developers already do.

Thanks :)

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