monoising the bass. need help???

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• If the bass you’re using contains stereo information, duplicate the track and put an EQ/filter on each track. On the first track, put a low pass filter at 80 Hz. Use your best quality EQ for this to avoid excessive phase distortion. Now make this track mono; you can sum the left and right channel to mono and you can separate the channels into two mono tracks. This will give you three tracks to compare; choose the one that sounds the best to you in terms of punch, clarity etc. On the duplicated track, use a high pass filter starting at 80 Hz. Go higher with the filter and find the sweet spot where you get rid of some mud but still feel that the bass sound is perceived as one sound.

• Send a mono bass sound to a short reverb, filter out everything below 200 Hz on the reverb send.

i dont know how to carry out these instructions in fl . picked up these tips from somewhere on the internt

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