OSX Yosemite IL instruments.. has anyone else noticed a massive cpu increase with the latest builds?

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Post Thu Jan 07, 2016 10:03 am

August 2015...

Finally I am not having crashes after all these years (except sakura crashed but i only demoed that one, i don't own it).

But having a HEAP of cpu issues.

I have been using these synths since they first came out on windows.. so just think how LESS powerful my machine would have been back then, and i was able to use them all.

Now Image line know i have had issues with the mac versions since 2008.. however, in 2008 i could still play poizone chords on a core 2 duo, and in 2011 ditto with sawer etc, on a sandy bridge 2.2ghz quad.

On this fresh install of IL plugins on a 2.8ghz quad haswell (which spanks my 2011 in every way, benchmakr tests give me almost double overall performance in daw's) - all i did was install the latest versions, otherwise IL plugins have not ever been installed previously on this machine.. and the cpu use is through the roof.

i don't mean exaggerating through the roof, i mean an empty project at 128 buffer with one instance of sawer crackled and pops and peaks the entire core using 4 notes! Diva is very efficient in comparison. (seriously)

Poizone which was always nice and light, uses an entire thread for a standard arp!

This affects all August 2015 official build 64 bit OSX IL instruments.. Right now i have about 25 *other* instruments installed, and they all perform absolutely as expected (dune, dune 2, sylenth, Hive demo, Drumazon, Twin 2, Melda Synth demo, Albino3, Blade, Predator, Blue, Blue2, Sub Boom, Punch, RP RG, Real strat, Real Guitar, OPX Pro II demo, Raw Material Analog Synth, Raw Material FM synth, Codex, Element2, Ultra Analog 2, Air Hybrid 3, Air Loom).. all absolutely playable with as many chords as I want..

Something is wrong, as poizone especially was always a light cpu user.

On my test partition i only have logic X and ableton 9 installed, so it may be a logic X au thing.. will test the vsts in ableton and see if there is any difference..

I am happy to take videos if it helps.

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Post Fri Jan 08, 2016 5:09 am

vsts in ableton are identical. Basically unusable CPU :(
I installed a few more heavy cpu synths since my post, synths that were hard to use on my 2011 macbook, and they use half the cpu and work perfect on my 2015 macbook.

I can't install an os prior to yosemite on this to check if they work better on previous OSes, but everything so far points to a code anomaly.. these things are all using 4x the cpu than they should be -something isn't right.

Edit 2: Ok i tried on my imac (also has yosemite, sorry), same thing.

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Post Tue Jan 26, 2016 5:58 am

Thanks IL.. as usual your "official support forum" has provided such outstanding support. I really have tried to be fair for the last SEVEN years not being able to use what I paid for on mac, but this is just beyond a joke now.

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Post Tue Jan 26, 2016 7:39 am

You might have better luck on their own forum, or via support mail?
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Post Tue Feb 23, 2016 3:56 am

chk071 wrote:You might have better luck on their own forum, or via support mail?

but this says "official support for image-line.com"



I never had a single successful support query so far in 15 years, BUT.. besides all this i really DO want to use the instruments. FWIW i never had a single issue with any of them on windows. I also haven't tried them on el capitan so can't comment there, but i am too scared to update a perfectly working OS (10.10.5)

I know if it was their own instruments things would be different, i believe all the mac ones i have are developed by someone else, i forget his name, but i have had nothing but issues on mac with his stuff. And i never read anything to the contrary. So either others don't speak up or they just gave up a long time ago. It's a bit sad that i first asked for these to work properly in Aug 2008 and it's now 2016.

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Post Sun Jul 10, 2016 4:26 pm

LOL 6 months already, just like my previous issue is still on going after 8 years

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