Bug report: FL is deleting audio that is not unused

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Post Wed Jun 20, 2018 2:50 pm

Hi Image Line
Sorry for not using your bug forum, i'll pm you my account email if requested.

Ok so the new picker panel is giving me some pretty serious issues in my current project.
I sliced an audio clip (from my library) into about 6 different slices, making every slice unique, as i wanted to slightly stretch some of the vocals to fix a timing issue.
All went well, and so i decided to bounce all the slices back into one clip again.
So i select the clips, go to the dropdown playlist options, and select Tools > consolidate playlist selection > from selection start (i have unchecked trim pdc and enable track and master fx).
All goes well, so i replace all instances of the original sample with the new consolidated version using the clip's select source channel function.

Ok now i want to tidy my project a bit, so i go dropdown > picker panel > select unused > audio

Then i right click one of the selected clips, and choose delete.
Well this is where things go wrong. It deletes all the selected clips that i can see on the visible list, but it also deletes the consolidated clip that i have just created, and is currently in use throughout the song.

It should be noted that when i selected unused audio, it did not select the consolidated clip, but it still decided to delete it, even though it didn't get selected.
I repeated this process 3 or 4 times, with exactly the same result.
I should also note, that when i purge unused audio from tools > macros, it does not delete this clip.

And one last thing that made me realise something is very wrong: after i deleted these audio clips the new way, i decided to repeat the process to see if it would delete any other clips i was using.
Upon repeating, FL found and selected 2 more audio clips that it considered unused. (I don't know if they were actually unused or not. I didn't even click delete. I just closed FL and came here).
Obviously this shouldn't be possible, as i had just selected and deleted all unused audio.

Also should mention, i was working with "Arrangement 2", and this new clip was not in arrangement 1

Ok that's the issue. Can't tell you if it's project specific or not.
Running build 477 signature bundle 32bit on win 7 32 bit

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