Tweakbench Plug-Ins?

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Post Sun Sep 03, 2006 2:55 pm

tnx :D

well i'll give you a little more insight into the history of tweakbench, and where a lot of my ideas came from.

the initial batch of plugins (a lot of the dead ones that are 'retired' now) were just me learning SE, i would pick a random target.. say, a 4osc subtractive synth with some nice modulation.. and just try to make the thing from scratch. this resulted in the original Rotovier, which then took on a few changes and reworks to become Linus.

after i felt comfortable using SE, i would then take a stab at making my own versions of other plugins i liked, adding some features i felt they needed, or oftentimes LOSING features that i thought made the other ones too complex. this resulted in the plugins like monomate, trimate, and dimate, as well as pressure, and tapeworm.. all of those were no 'original' ideas, but rather, my interpretations of existing vsti's that i felt were very useful, but overly complicated (or maybe just too expensive).

finally, i made the 3rd generation of my software.. which is easily identifyable by the current tweakbench gui, was much more of an exploration into experimental interfaces, and mixtures of sythesis and effect systems.

i finally dove into things like physical modelling, granular processing, etc.. while at the same time working with more visual interface elements to help make new ways to interact with traditional processes.

mashup for instance.. came from some silly disuccsions over how cool it might be if you could wire up a 303 to control the cutoff and resonance of another filter.. maybe thru using Midi to CV converters or something.. and what type of sound that effect might create. that interface, based on how a step sequencer could effect parameters in a controlled, quantized, and musical way.. led to the rest of the cycler series..

now i'm gearing up to start the 4th generation of creations.. after almost a solid year of time off from making new plugins. it seems like all of my old ideas either came to fruition, or died on the vine.. and now there are many more new techniques in SE to leverage to make even more interesting (and much more difficult to design) interfaces to sound processing.

hopefully i'll get this first one done in time for the comptetition submission, and then catch up on some long overdue bug fixes, and new feature additions. :D

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Post Sun Sep 03, 2006 9:31 pm

I'd be a bastard not to admit that Pudding was the first "SE VST" to make me go... hey, maybe I should try this SynthEdit stuff out afterall.

Yeah, thanks a lot on that one. Now I haven't made any new music in a year and a half. :dog:

Hey but seriously, everybody's waiting for you to come back and kick all us upstart crotches inside out. I have no doubt my testes will be crushed ever so delightfully. Which'll give me an excuse to quit all this VST-devvin' sillyness finally. :lol:

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Post Fri Oct 13, 2006 4:55 pm

What happened to someone zipping/host the an-Tweaks? (sorry couldn't help it :hihi: ) I don't want to distract the Tweakster himself from his long promised updates but I'd love to get my hands on the old plugs.
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Post Fri Oct 13, 2006 5:56 pm

yeah! i'm almost done the redesign of the site.. and i'd love to host the oldies.. (even i dont have them around!)

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can somebody share crypro+iambe+ squeezebox with me please?
loads of hardware for sound creation and loads of software for effects!

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