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Lately there has been some confusion about what this forum is for. We'd like to clear that up for all welcome newcomers who may not know (or for anyone else who may have forgotten ;) ). Sonic Reality is a sound developer that makes sample-based products in a variety of sample formats. One of our main formats of expression is SampleTank! In 2001 we created Sonic Synth which was a combination of Sonic Reality's "synth workstation themed" sound content along with a special version of SampleTank 1 that is it's engine for it to be a multiformat plug-in.

In addition to the SampleTank line of products that Sonic Reality produces in a strategic alliance with IK Multimedia, Sonic Reality also produces sample libraries distributed around the world by ILIO and has recently completed over 15 Reason Refills exclusively distributed world-wide by M-Audio. You can read more about Sonic Reality in the about us section here: www.sonicreality.com (http://www.sonicreality.com) You'll find that SR has a background programming and licensing sounds to major keyboard manufacturers, major recording and performing artists and more.

The company forum was started a few years ago at the request of users who were interested in Sonic Synth which was one of the first plug-ins to do the role of an all around synth sound module or keyboard workstation in software due to the combination of sound design from SR and software design from IK. Because Sonic Synth relies on SampleTank technology we opened the forum up to discuss SampleTank as well! Hence it is the Sonic Reality & SampleTank forum. As the discription says, it is a place to discuss Sonic Synth, OmniSynth, eROMS and SampleTank modules plus all samplers and sample libraries that SR supports.

However, it is NOT a tech support forum! Some company forums on KVR are! This one isn't. It just isn't set up for that. But, as an added bonus we've asked Jason from IK to help moderate and come in when he can to answer some questions or comment. Unfortunately though his job is to answer emails and phone calls for IK tech support most of the time. But, on occassion he can help out here which we appreciate. It adds a little extra potential for the forum to be useful to you.

At SR it is important to us that SampleTank 2 is understood. It is also important that it is working great. Information about issues are wanted but they need to be captured in an organized way. That is why we always suggest you email an issues you may find to: www.sampletank.com/STSupport.html (http://www.sampletank.com/STSupport.html) Even if you don't get a response right away your information will be processed. If you want to CC SR we may follow up on issues as well. Just add support@sonicreality.com (mailto:support@sonicreality.com) to the CC and we'll look into the issue as sound developers using the platform with the interest in it being as solid as possible for all users.

It might be good for you to know that IK is making great steps to improve tech support communication though and in fact they are even hiring more personel (check out job opportunities on www.sampletank.com (http://www.sampletank.com) or www.ikmultimedia.com (http://www.ikmultimedia.com) if you are interested). However, this forum was not designed to be used for full tech support for IK. We can try to do that but so easily get in over our heads! As it is we don't even have the staff at SR to be full-time moderators. But, we are here almost everyday and even on weekends to be able to manage discussions if they are more along the lines of what the forum is supposed to be for.

The forum here is meant to discuss the sounds and software that goes with them. To discuss how they can and/or are being used. To share tips and tricks. If you want to post about a problem you are having then it is okay. But if it turns into a company bashing fest it will be moderated. It is not what this forum is for. This forum is to be helpful to users and potential users and not a platform for anyone to make inappropriate damaging remarks about the companies we work with.

Express your opinions how you see it being appropriate. We don't ask that they only be positive. Try to be realistic if you can as it lends more value to the forum for others to be reading. Love the drums but hate the sax? Go ahead and say so. Want more vocal pads but less loops? Want to know how to get realistic guitar sounds out of ST2? Want to know how to get Reason to be able to do other styles besides dance? Want to know info and stories about the music and sound development industry? We make ourselves available for this. That is what the forum is about:

Making music, enjoying sounds that are virtual instruments in the computer, getting the most out of the tools that are their means for expression. Getting to know the sounds, techniques and people behind them.

That is what this forum is mainly about!


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Post Mon Jul 18, 2005 9:12 am

A little reminder, please do NOT post about "cracks" in the forum or be prepared the thread will be locked or deleted (as was just done in case you were wondering where that thread went).

Please respect the forum rules.

Added In: Another note which has been mentioned several times in explanations but we have to be sensitive with regard to discussing any issues related to international shipping or individual deals or prices you get on esoundz.com Since this is a company forum and there is something called "MAP" which stands for minimum advertised price, we don't want it to look like the forum is being used to advertise a lower price. Sometimes a store CAN sell a product for less than MAP but they cannot advertise it for less... even if you don't understand what that means, please refrain from discussing those details in our company forum and please forgive us if we feel we have to delete a post or thread that has this information as it can be a liability for us. In addition, we have to be careful that our forum is also not used to bash companies we work with or it creates political problems for us. If you want to be critical of SR specifically then that's different. All we ask is that you are constructive about it and don't set out just to do damage which again we will have to consider moderation when necessary. There's a proper way of communicating both positive and negative things and the important thing is to be respectful. That said, we don't just delete any negative comments and resent anyone thinking this is the case. It isn't. Most people know where the line is and when it is crossed.

If you have a problem and want to PM me about it first before making a public display that might go against these rules then please do so and perhaps we can resolve the issue. Many people are surprised at our rather liberal attitude and care for customer satisfaction. So, please don't get the wrong impression about the forum rules. It's just better you are forewarned as much as possible on these things in case you are shocked a post or thread is locked or deleted. Luckily it is a rare occurance though and we thank you for that.


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