Q: ReTank Expansions and Menu Map Grooves?

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Post Sun Sep 04, 2011 9:45 am

A couple of questions, please

I think I recall reading somewhere that 3 of the 15 Xpansion Tank Grooves now have Menu Map Groove (MMG) instruments (with the grooves in the set mapped to C1 upwards). The 3 were Drum and Bass, Dirty South and Trip Hop.

(a) Will MMGs for the other 12 be published?

(b) I understand that the MMGs are available in the current product downloads from my eSoundz Downloads area, but not as separate patch updates. Is that right?

(c) Looking at the Dirty South grooves, there are 22 different grooves sub-folders but I could only see 10 MMGs - have I missed something?
Interesting, if true ...

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Post Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:00 am

I think for now, with regard to this series it is what it is. Not as consistent as it could be in terms of Menu maps for everything. But lots of great value in there none the less. We've revisited these libs many times and in order to pay the bills and keep the lights on we have to do some NEW libraries for ST now. ;) Maybe revisit them again later perhaps.

So, that said, there are some new SampleTank 2 libraries on the horizon. We might be able to update some of the other construction kit type titles when we do that. As we're getting back into ST sound dev mode again we'll see what happens.
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