Manual/Keyswitch-Mapping for Orchestral Capusles

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I recently bought the Brass, Strings and Woodwind Capsules (for Kontakt Infinity Player).
I did not find a manual in my private download section where I can see the keyswitch mapping of the KSW patches. It would be great if you provided a link where to get that information.

thanks and cheers, akj

edit/ps: and what does LP stand for in the patch names (Low Pass filter applied?)

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Patches with key switching are found in the "perf" folder (ex.. Basses Perf). The key switch keys will be shaded in pink. For your second question LP stands for Loop. Please let me know if you have any more questions. You can reach me via email at allen (at) esoundz (dot) com


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Hi Allen,

thanks for your reply. I knew where to find the keyswitch patches. I wanted to know the mapping, like, for example:

solo violin:
C3 = sustained
C#3 = staccato


Of course, one can try triggering the keys and hear what's going on but it would be much better to have it documented.

thanks and cheers, akj

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I've been meaning to get this documented since I am the one who added that in. But here it is:

C0 - Looped Legato
C#0 - Unlooped Legato
D0 - Altnernate Legato (Porta or Non Vibrato)
D#0 - Alternate Legato Unlooped (Porta 2 or Non Vibrato NL)
E0 - Staccato
F0 - Pizzicato
F#0 - Staccato or Pizzicato or Short ALT
G0 - Tremolo
G#0 - Alternate Trem (Spiccato or other)
A0 - B0 Additional Performance Articulations

Those aren't always filled but if there is something that's where it would be and the scheme of it.
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